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27.3.2014 Ragdoll kittens were born

24.2.2014 - Ragdoll kittens expected!
We live currently with our cats at Cyprus and we expect ragdoll kittens in March.

Tom-cat Brix from our cattery was shown in Vienna and also in TV :-)

We have new FACEBOOK site.
In January Keira, Caroline and Casanova are going to fly to Cyprus.

18.6.2013 - We are planning kitterns - litter F
Dam: CH Caroline Lodgar Grand
Sire: CH Casanova Azzis
ragdoll ragdoll

6.5.2012 - Litter E was born

6.4.2012 - In May we expect kittens of our Keira

3.3.2012 - On site "Kittens" there are news about our litter D

16.2. 2012 - Today Caroline gave birth - litter D
More information and photos are coming soon.

12.1.2012 Planned birth of kittens
Kittens by Caroline and Cassanova will be born in the middle of February.
Expected colour variets: seal/blue mitted

20.12.2011 Planned birth of kittens in the middle of February

DAM: Caroline Lodgar Grand*CZ - Blue lynx colourpoint
SIRE: CH Azzi's Casanova - seal bicolour

20.12.2011 Caroline was officialy registered as CHAMPION

20.11.2011 Carolinka got CHAMPION title at Pardubice show
19.11. CAC - judge Soňa Ivanková (SK)
20.11. CAC - judge Olga Sizova (RU)

Caroline will be shown in Pardubice 19th and 20th November 2011

18.9.2011 Planned matings
DAM: Caroline Lodgar Grand*CZ - Blue lynx colourpoint
SIRE: CH Azzi's Casanova - seal bicolour
ragdoll ragdoll

Caroline will be shown at Boskovice - 13.8.2011.

26.6.2011 - Show Interfelis Brno 2011
Brix Bohemia Ragdoll, CZ - Ex1, NOM Caroline Lodgar Grand - EX1

Tomcat Brix - seal mitted - still for sale - good for shows and breeding
ragdoll kittens

Together with Caroline and Brix we are going to show in Brno 25.6.2011

16.4.2011 - Brix Bohemia Ragdoll: FOR SALE
Suitable for shows and breeding
ragdoll kittens ragdoll kittens ragdoll kittens ragdoll kittens

16.4.2011 - Pictures of kittens from litter "C"

13.4.2011 we are going to show our Caroline and Anabel in Ostrava

13.4.2011 International cat show Hradec Králové
Casanova Azzis - CACIB
Caroline Lodgar Grand - EX1

29.3.2011 - on Friday 1.4.2011 there will be an article in the magazine Blesk about breeding of cats, with info from our cattery and photos of our cats.

9.4.2011 we will be showing in Hradec Králové with Carolinka and Kasi

21.3. Keira has kittens - litter C

21.3. New pics of kittens from litter B
ragdoll kittens ragdoll kittens

7.3.2011 We have litter B
More in "Kittens".

19.2.2011 Anabelka id going to have kittens within few days
Keira is also expecting kittens - litter C
ragdoll ragdoll

8.2.2011 Anabelka is going to have kittens :-) litter B

Our Caroline will be on TV together with celebrity Vaclav Vydra
19.1.2011 "Máte mě" (You have me) was recorded in our salon. It will be streammed in February :-)

We plan litter B B
CH Anabel Bohemia Ragdoll x CH Azzi's Casanova

Caroline is growing really nearly 4 months her weight is 3,2kg.

10.12.2010 - WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER OF OUR CATTERY More in "Cats", down on the page.

Withnin one month we will have a new cat Caroline - blue lynx colorpoint

16.11.2010 - Results of the show in Pardubice 2010:
Keira CAC
Anabel CAC
Casanova CACIB
All our cats became CHAMPIONs.

16.11.2010 - You can find results of our cats from show in Pardubice 2010 on the page "Our cats".

16.10. Show in Prague - Congress hall
Casanova Azzis - EX1 CAC - judge Grob Gina (CH)
Anabel Bohemia Ragdoll - CAC - judge Vohringer Rolf

In November we are taking a part at both days at the show in Pardubice

27.9.2010 New pohotos of Cassi, Anabel and Keira

16.10. Cassi and Anabel will be shown in Prague in Congress Hall

21.3. 2010 Praha - Pyramida
judge Vesna Riznar - Resetic
Cassanova - CAC, BIV and NOM to BIS.

21.2.2010 - New photos
In Gallery and on the page "Cats".

20.1.2010 - Kittens left to their new homes...
Anabel stays with us, Amalka will stay with Mrs. Vejsova from Hradec Králové and Apollo went to Mr.Hruska in Vrchlabi.
We plan to show in Prague

The next mating (spring / summer 2010): Keira Keesha Carpathia x Casanova Azzis

12.12.2009 - New photos of kittens, in age of 6 weeks
On "Kittens" site

3.12.2009 - New photos of kittens, in age of 5 weeks
On "Kittens" site

2.11.2009 - New photos of kittens, in age of 3 weeks
On "Kittens" site

5.11.2009 - Planned shows for Kassi.
Cassanova will take a part of there shows: 14.-15.11 Pardubice Prague and Olomouc in December 2009.

19.10.2009 - Today Keira gave birth of beautiful kittens.

5.10.2009 Casanova
Casanova weight is already 6kg.

21.9.2009 Photos of Keira in 36th day of pregnancy.
ragdoll ragdoll
Another new photos in gallery.

7.9.2009 Keira is going to have kittens
Ultra-sound has confirmed that Keira is pregnant!!

15.8.2009 Ostrava
Marie Westerlund, DK
Casanova - EX1 BIV and NOM BIS

14.8.2009 Keira left today for mating with Max.

1.8.2009 - Our cats have a new friend, female of maltese dog.
Casanova will be presented on show in Ostrava. His new pics are in gallery and on his page.

29.5.2009 - New cat
New cat to cattery Casanova came flying on Tuesday.
Azzi's Casanova
import: NORWAY
born: 5.2.2009
Seal bicolour RAGn03
Thanks to Janne-H. Hanseno for our boy.

2.5. ICS Ostrava
Eric Reijers
Keira - Exc.2

Matings: June 2009
Mother: Keira - seal mitted
Father: CH DollhouseRags Silver Maxmillian - blue lynx colourpoint - Max is from Slovakian cattery Carpathia*SK and comes from Ontario, cattery DollhouseRags.
Possible colours: blue, seal, lynx
Possible varieties: Colorpoint, Mitted

In the end of May a new male will come to our cattery from Norway - Casanova Azzi's RAGn03.

12.4.2009 Hradec Kralove
MVDr. Kveta Mahelkova CZ
Keira - CAC

11.4.2009 Hradec Kralove
Luigi Comorio - Italy
Keira - EX1 CAC

17.2.2009 - NEW WEBSITE
Welcome on new webiste of Bohemia Ragdoll CZ kennel.

ICS Pardubice 2008
ing. Martin Sanda, CZ
Keira – Exc.1 + NOM BIS

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